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The first 5 Ray C. Bliss Outstanding Alumni dAward Recipients

Byron Larabee, Dr. Carl Krill, Ray C. Bliss, John Ballard, Bill Ruhlin
The First 5 Phi Kappa Tau Ray C. Bliss
Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients
photo © 1979 by Bob Pairan

Ray C. Bliss and the Akron Phi Kappa Tau
Outstanding Alumni Award...

A Proud Past and a Brilliant Future

RAY C. BLISS (1908-1981), known nationally as a consummate political strategist and organizer, was Summit Count, Ohio, and National Republican Party Chairman.  During his tenure as National Chairman (1965-1969), following the Goldwater debacle of the 1964, he was given credit for the revitalization and later successes of the National Republican Party. 

In 1926, Mr. Bliss, as an Akron U undergraduate, pledged Sigma Beta Nu (affiliated with Phi Kappa Tau National in 1938).  An incident during his active chapter years is often cited as the beginning of his success as a political strategist.  The incident involved the election of May Queen, a prestigious campus event during the 1920’s and 30’s.  Ray Bliss was chosen to manage the campaign of the Sigma Beta Nu candidate.  Under Mr. Bliss’ leadership, in a spirited and hard-fought campaign, the Sigma Beta Nu candidate won by a few votes.  A losing fraternity, which had dominated previous elections, contested the election results.  While not responsible for the protested campaing violations, as campaign chairman, Mr. Bliss took responsibility for the infractions and was disciplined by the University.   However, the Sigma Beta Nu candidate was declared the winner.  Ray Bliss was a double winner in that he later married Helen Palmer, the Sigma Beta Nu candidate, and, as a result of his experience, decided to make politics his career.

As an alumnus, Mr. Bliss was a loyal Phi Tau and an Alpha Phi supporter.  As example of his loyalty and sense of brotherhood was his willingness to place brothers in important positions within the local party organization.  A further demonstration was the establishment of the scholarship fund for Political Science majors attending Akron University.  Members of the Alpha Phi have a priority as recipients.  In 1977, he was the recipient of The Borradaile Award, given by the Phi Kappa Tau National Fraternity for outstanding achievement.

To honor Mr. Bliss and Alpha Phi’s alumni, the RAY C. BLISS AWARD was established.  Each year, at Alpha Phi’s Founder’s Day Dinner, an alumnus who has demonstrated outstanding achievement is presented with the Award.  Winners of the Award have included Mayors, Legislators, Judges, business and community leaders who have, in the mold of Ray C. Bliss, made significant and successful contributions to their communities and nation.

Phi Kappa Tau Ray C. Bliss
Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients

Year Name, Full Title Name, First Name, Last
1969 Ray C. Bliss R.N.C. Chairman Ray C. Bliss
1970 Byron Larabee Byron Larabee
1971 Bill Ruhlin Bill Ruhlin
1972 Dr. Carl Krill Dr. Carl Krill
1973 John Ballard John Ballard
1974 George Boss George Boss
1975 Gene Waddell Gene Waddell
1976 Judge McFadden Judge Donald McFadden
1977 Judge Reese Judge John Reese
1978 Morris Jobe Morris Jobe
1979 E.C. Brown E.C. Brown
1980 Bill Bond Bill Bond
1981 George Wilson George Wilson
1982 Judge William Spicer Judge William Spicer
1983 Sen. Roy Ray Sen. Roy Ray
1984 Tom Saywer Sen. Tom Saywer
1985 Nick Andreef Nick Andreef
1986 Otto Schellin Otto Schellin
1987 Tim Davis Tim Davis
1988 Rev. Don Powers Rev. Don Powers
1989 Jerry Glinsek Jerry Glinsek
1990 Ralph Maher Ralph Maher
1991 John Blickle John Blickle
1992 Bill Costigan Bill Costigan
1993 Don Coughlin Don Coughlin
1994 Terry Renninger Terry Renninger
1995 Alex Arshinkoff Alex Arshinkoff
1996 Tim Ochsenhirt Tim Ochsenhirt
1997 Jim Laria Jim Laria
1998 Ronald Schleede Ronald Schleede
1999 Michael McNulty Judge Michael McNulty
2000 Don Varian, Jr Don Varian, Jr.
2002 Greg Zemla Greg Zemla
2003 Bob Leatherman Bob Leatherman
2004 Jim Lytle Jim Lytle
2005 Scott Meyer Scott Meyer
2006 Geoff Eicher Geoff Eicher
2007 Robert Heffern Robert Heffern
2008 John Conti John Conti
2009 Phil Ridgeway Phil Ridgway
2010 Spanky Raymond Spanky Raymond
2011 Richard Pearl Rich Pearl

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