University of Akron Phi Kappa Tau 75th Aniversary 2013


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Join Us in at our 9th annual
Hole in the Wall Classic
to Benefit Ohio's Own HITWC
Flying Horse Farms

Scheduled June 2013

Have a great time and support FHF

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Phi Kappa Tau Akron Golf Outing to Benefit Flying Horse Farms







Akron Phi Kappa Tau Raised
Close to $11,000 for
Flying Horse Farms
At Our 8th Annual
Flying Horse Farms
Golf Outing
Benefit Held June 9, 2012!
Over $100,000 in the past 8 years!




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Phi Kappa Tau Alumni Events 2011

Phi Kappa Tau Alumni Event

Reverse Raffle on February 19th
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Founders Day TBA

7th Annual Hole in the Wall Classic Charity Golf Outing June 18th.

University of Akron Fraternity Honors April 2008 Phi Kappa Tau

University of Akron Fraternity Honors Held 2008
1st Place Academics - 1st Place Most Improved Academics Philanthropy Award - 2007 Chapter President of the Year
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Phi Kappa Tau

The Top 3 Advantages
Why You Should Join The Brotherhood Of
Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity

Phi Kappa Tau Has Produced More Leaders
Than Any Other Fraternity At The University of Akron!

Phi Kappa Tau champions a lifelong commitment to Brotherhood, Citizenship, Ethical Leadership, Exemplary Character, and Learning. While having fun our sprit and commitment to excellence makes lessons learned here at Phi Kappa Tau continue to grow once you graduate. As an University of Akron Fraternity our sense of brotherhood have helped prepare notable alumni such as Ray C. Bliss former Republican National Committee Chairman, Democratic House Representative Tom Sawyer, along with Former Mayors of Akron John Ballard and Roy Ray for their future. Kenneth B. Wells was the founder and first president of the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge. Our commitment to ethical leadership also extends into the private sector and service to our community. Like our Brother Gerry Glinsek winning The 2008 Akron Bar Association Professionalism Award. Withsuch notables a Byron H. Larabee, retired Vice-President, Firestone Plantations, and George Boss of the Akron Touchdown Club, Morris Jobe retired president and CEO, Goodyear Aerospace. While some of our alumni have entered chapter eternal others are now leading and contributing to our community making it a better place to live! For more notable University of Akron Alumni check out our Akron Phi Kappa Tau Outstanding Alumni Award. We are brothers now and ever...

Phi Kappa Tau Will Help You Prepare For Your Future
With Lessons That You Just Can't Get In The Classroom!

While most of your University of Akron experience revolves around studying and classes joining the Alpha Phi Chapter of Akron Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity at the University of Akron offers fellowship that will enhance your future. Phi Tau will give you an opportunity to learn and experience brotherhood and accept responsibility through various committees and offices. These are important lessons that typically cannot be gained through classroom work alone. By getting involved in campus activities Phi Kappa Tau brothers will share a common bond. Chapter meetings held every Sunday evening during the school year will give you the opportunity of self government. This gives you a great opportunity for self govenment that will serve you well now and in the future.

Our involvement with our alumni and helping run the Hole in The Wall Camps fund raisers allows you to get participate in community service while teaching you leadership skills. Over the past two years we raised over $34000 with our golf outing for the Hole in the Wall Camps a organization designed to help very sick children have a week of fun at camps all over the world.

Phi Kappa Tau A University of Akron Student Organization
Is Fellowship That Will Help Enhance Your Scholarship
While Making Lifelong Friends!

We are a University of Akron Student Organization that will help you enhance your scholarship by encouraging fellowship. At the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity we have weekly study sessions where our upper classmen study with our newer members to make sure they are on the right track to good grades. Last year our house was academically ranked number one of all fraternities on the University of Akron campus and we intend to stay there!

Our Fellowship also extends to such events such as Zips Football and Basketball, the Pig Roast, Thanksgiving get together, Fall and Spring Rush, Founder's Day, our Charity Bowling and Volleyball Tournaments, our Alumni Charity Golf Outing, and we are over all University of Akron Boosters, and many many more. You can be assured that when you join Phi Tau that you will have fun while learning skills that will enhance your carears later in life.

Do You Think You Have What It Takes
To Become A Brother Of Phi Kappa Tau?

If you are interested in Having Fun,
Fellowship, Community Service, and
Truly Enhancing Your Experience
here at the University of Akron
email us today.
We would like to get to know you!

We will notify you of our upcoming special rush events!